Embedding Audio or Video on Wikispaces

by LHoule

Mar 24, 2013

Embedding your own file that you upload to a wiki can be accomplished with a few extra steps so that you can use the information in an audio or video widget. Follow the steps below to put your movie or your voice on your wiki page.

1. Click on Pages and Files in the navigation column
2. Upload your video (saved as an flv) or audio file (mp3)
3. Locate your file in the list
4. Click on your hyperlinked file to go to its Files Details page
5. Right click on the white space next to the details about your files
6. Click on View page source

7. In the page source popupbox

  • Click on Edit/Find to open a Find Box at the bottom of the page
  • Type embed.



8. Highlight the entire line where you see <embed src= ending with embed>

9. Go to your wiki page where you want to embed your file
10. Click on the Widget Button
11. Click on Audio or Video then on Other
12. Paste your embedding information in the box

  • If you wish to enlarge your video beyond the size noted change your width to 800 and your height to 600 but be sure that designation appears each time height and width are mentioned in the embed code.
  • If you wish to have your audio play automatically when your page loads change there autostart=false to autostart=true

13. Click Save